You’re Going to Walt Disney World!

So you’ve done it. Either you’re surprising your children with a trip of their lifetime, you’ve given in to their demands, you want to surprise your partner or friends or are going for the fortieth time, you’re going to Walt Disney World. LuckyCinderella Castle you (can I come?)! As you’ll read throughout these posts and articles, its a great place to visit and a whole lot of fun. It can also be overwhelming and stressful so, here’s the first piece of advice that I can give to all of you going to “The World”: Relax and have fun!

It sounds strange to say because of course you think you will, you know you will, so why is this guy telling you that as a hint or tip? Because it needs to be said and will be said by me over and over again. Relax and have fun. Walt Disney World is a magical place where the Cast Members will go out of their way to help you with anything you need, where you won’t need a rental car because the transportation will be there when you need it, where if you forget anything, it can be acquired. So remember, as you read through these posts written by those of us who have been one or many times, relax and have fun! Now let’s go to Walt Disney World!