Walt Disney came up with the idea of ​​building an amusement park for children when he and his children visited attractions. “My father looked at his daughters and tried to mentally imagine a place that he would like to visit as a family to have fun” – said Disney’s daughter. That is how the dream of creating a park was born. However, for a long time, it was remaining only a part of the imagination of the animator.

  • A look at the history

In 1953, Walt Disney acquired a 160-acre free plot of land in the United States. The next year, work began on the construction of Disneyland. The first park was opened in 1955. In it, Disney was able to embody most of his ideas. A fabulous town with favorite characters and unique attractions was created in the town. The park was called Disneyland.

Only after more than 40 years, it was renamed, Disneyland Park. Since the opening, the park has been repeatedly updated and expanded, new zones with attractions appeared. Over the years, Disneyland has been visited by about 700 million guests. Over time, other similar parks arose in different parts of the world. In the first park, there were only 18 attractions. 14 of them are still functioning and pleasing visitors.

So, almost everyone wants to visit Disneyland, because Disney Park is a fairy tale, it’s a holiday, it’s magic, a place where reality surpasses the most rainbow dreams. People on relationship blog confess they would like to have a date there, children ask for a ticket to Disneyland as their Christmas present. Unseen attractions of the parks are detailed, but it turns out that Disneyland has an equally interesting backstage side. We have prepared 20 interesting facts about the popular amusement park. Now you will want to get there even more!

Fact 1. On the opening day of Disneyland, only 18 attractions were installed in the park. It is noteworthy that 14 of them work today. The oldest Disneyland ride 80 years older than the park is the King Arthur Carousel.

Fact 2. The Walt Disney apartments are situated above the fire station on Main Street. Previously, visitors learned that the main storyteller is in the park, through the lighted windows of his apartment. Now the light in the apartment does not turn off in memory of the master, who gave a holiday to millions of people.

Fact 3. In front of the castle of Sleeping Beauty, a capsule with a secret message is hidden. The capsule will be opened in July 2035, during the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the park.

Fact 4. The main character of “Disneyland” Mickey Mouse should wear a new costume every day for 290 days. His girlfriend Minnie has only 200 different costumes.

Fact 5. To design the “Indiana Jones World”, real decorations from films about this hero were used, and in the scenery of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, you can see a real human skull.

Fact 6. At the favorite children’s attraction “Crazy Tea Party”, not all cups rotate at the same speed. The fastest cup is purple. The steering wheel in the center of the cup will reduce speed if necessary.

Fact 7. Gold in the decoration of the “Little World” is real. The golden parts are of high standards of fineness 917.

Fact 8. In The Haunted Mansion, 999 ghosts work on intimidating guests. If you have stood in the face of danger, you can get a certificate of successful completion of this attraction. By the way, ghosts also have a hard time meeting people – that’s why they are also given victory certificates.

Fact 9. The Bigfoot scary visitor to the Matterhorn Bobsleds roller coaster is called Harold. By the way, in the bowels of the mountain, where this attraction is arranged, there is a basketball court for park employees. It is equal to half of a real basketball field.

Fact 10. The most sought-after souvenir at Disneyland is a hat or hoop with Mickey Mouse ears. Mickey is also the character whose images can be met the most often in the park. The mouse can be seen even in the frame pattern in the paintings and among the Egyptian hieroglyphs in Indiana Jones World.

Fact 12. They do not sell chewing gum – because it annoys people, sticking to shoes and clothes. Peanuts are also not sold in parks (the ban is most likely related to many children’s allergies to this product).

Fact 13. For $ 150 you can buy one of the bricks on the road near the entrance to the park, thus becoming the owner of a piece of Disneyland.

Fact 14. Visitors often throw coins in the fountain in the territory of the “Small World”. All money taken out of the fountain is transferred to children’s charity organizations.

Fact 15. Disneyland attractions are so elaborate that sometimes visitors smell odors of the sea or fresh rolls. Flavors are installed throughout the parks that spread the smell of vanilla, mint, and citrus. The most unusual aroma is the smell of burning logs. There is also a special Christmas smell mix.

Fact 16. The park is guarded by 200 cats. Their task is to protect Disneyland from rodent invasion. Cats serve at night, and during the day rest in houses built for them.

Fact 17. “Dear guests” is not the praise at Disney Park. Those are the code words that park staff warn each other about rude, rude visitors. There is even a real prison for hooligans and vandals in this fabulous place.

Fact 18. Disney World has an underground part hidden from visitors. It is intended for employees so that they can quickly move along underground corridors from one part of the park to another. Bet you would pay extra to get inside those catacombs!

Fact 19. There is the “No Sad Kids” rule in the park. Employees can use it when they see an upset child. The rule says that in this case it is allowed to replace the dropped ice cream with a new one or give a child a small gift.

Fact 20. The sun always shines over Disneyland. This is because the parks are located in the west and east of the United States, in Europe and Asia – that is, in different time zones. The list of Disneyland’s amazing secrets goes on and on. And what’s interesting: first you will notice such trifles, using our tips, but then you will begin to find them yourself.