A movie date is one of the classic time-tested options for a romantic date which can give rise to a long-term and serious relationship. But what to do on a movie date? What movie to watch on a date? And how to plan such a romantic date in order to make it successful and memorable? Let’s get started and consider the best movie dates tips.

What is a movie date?

Is going to the movies a date? Of course! Although many people find movie dates a boring and hackneyed option for a romantic pastime. They also say that there are a lot of people in the cinema and you have no opportunity to communicate with each other. Although in fact, all this is far from the case.

 A movie date is a joint movie watching with a person you like. To say more, it does not have to be a movie theater date. Couples in love can even arrange a movie date at home. Moreover, such a date is a great option for a long-distance relationship. Partners call each other, simultaneously turn on the same movie, and watch it together.

How to plan a movie date

Making a movie date is a romantic and interesting affair. This is a useful and emotional time spent together. To prevent such a date from spoiling your festive mood, it is worthwhile to adhere to a few tips on how to go on a movie date.

Ask your partner to choose a movie to seem more courteous

If you really want to make a good impression on a person you like, let your boyfriend or girlfriend choose a movie you’ll go to watch. Your partner will definitely appreciate this cute gesture. For example, you might ask: “What do you want to watch?” or “Do you want to watch some movie that has been released recently?”

Dress in something comfortable and casual

Going to the movies usually strikes a date in an informal format. Therefore, there is no need to be too dressed, wearing an evening dress or a tie. You should get into something that makes you feel comfortable and confident in yourself. However, if you are really in love with this guy and want to look sexy like gorgeous ladies looking for husband on, you can dress up a little by wearing high heels, a pretty dress or a skirt.

Try to come earlier

Plan to come 5-10 minutes before the start of a movie. Thus, you will feel more relaxed and do not have to run into the movie hall at the last minute. You can wait for a girlfriend outside a movie theater or buy tickets for both of you.

Another option is to arrange to meet with your girlfriend earlier in order to have some additional time to buy something to eat and choose good seats before the movie starts. Thus, from the very beginning of the date, you will not rush and feel busy. Also, you should consider what to do at the movies with your girlfriend in advance.

Best films for a movie date

What film to choose for a romantic movie date – this question bothers many couples in love. Therefore, we have prepared for you the top 5 films for a perfect movie date that will appeal to both guys and girls.


A secretive group of scientists rises from the dead a marine called Ray Harbor, who was fatally wounded. As a result of applying nanotechnology, Ray becomes Bloodshot – a biotechnological weapon, a universal soldier with erased memory. But at some point, the memories come back, and Ray recognizes a man who ruined his life and family. Bloodshot sets free for vindicatory punishment.


This is a new film version of a world-famous fairy tale from the outstanding director Matteo Garrone, a story about one of the most popular literary characters – Pinocchio. The eccentric kid runs away from his father and rushes towards adventures with a thirst for incredible discoveries to become a man of the people.

The Night Clerk

Bart is a young man with autism syndrome who works as a night clerk at a hotel. Visitor tracking cameras help him to work on social interaction. In one of the night shifts, someone kills a woman in the hotel, and Bart, the only witness, becomes the main suspect.

A Quiet Place 2

This is a continuation of events in the world which was captured by monsters that react to sound. The family is fighting for life in complete silence! After the meeting with frightful creatures in their own home, they expect a battle in the outside world. Caught in the unknown, the family discovers that the frightful creatures are no longer the only threat outside.

I still believe

This is the real-life story of a Christian music star Jeremy Camp. When the young man meets Melissa, he immediately realizes that she is the one and only for him. But will Jeremy find the strength and courage to fight for love in a hopeless situation? One love can change the whole life. One life can change the whole world.

Main reasons why the movie dates are the best first date

Going to the movies is a great idea for the first date. After all, some people find it a bit difficult to make romantic acquaintances in expensive restaurants, where the first date is more like a job interview. A movie date gives people an opportunity to get a lot of positive emotions and come up with numerous interesting topics for conversation. There are a few reasons why the movie dates are the best first date.

No awkward silence

One of the best reasons to go to the movies is the long time you spend in silence next to your soul mate. You can laugh or vaguely mop the tears in unison. In fact, your reactions to a movie are great compatibility markers. During these 90 minutes, you get emotions that you can discuss with each other later. As soon as the light turns on in the movie hall, you will already have at least one conversation fodder.

You can share curiosities about the plot of the film, complaints about gag reels, and even theories about other loving couples who talked all the time during the film in front of you. You have so much to discuss that you will not experience awkward silence until the end of the date!

An opportunity to learn something about a person by the choice of a movie

In most cases, when people ask someone to go out on a first date, they know a little more than nothing about this person. So, offer a guy or a girl you like to choose a movie for your date and the situation will become clearer – from the taste and preferences of the person to the approximate expectations of the date. Thus, this is one of the clearest signs of what to expect on a movie date. Of course, you should not immediately draw conclusions about the nature of the person by the chosen film, but try to pay attention to this.

Switched off gadgets

Gadgets always take people too much time, make it difficult to concentrate on one thing, and constantly distract from live communication with other people. But in a movie theater, all gadgets are switched off or put on mute, which means that no one will distract you from each other. Perhaps at the next meeting, both of you will not be able to enjoy each other without constant distraction to instant messengers and calls from friends, relatives, and superiors. Therefore, enjoy the moment!

Tips for planning a great movie date

A movie date is an interesting and romantic idea. Moreover, this is a great chance to spend time together with a chosen one. Even if you are nervous, the best way to act on such a date is to simply enjoy a movie and the company of an interesting person! Check out the rest of the tips on how to act on a movie date that will make your date successful.

Try to control yourself

Remember that you have come to the cinema not with best friends, but with a person you like. Therefore, behave restrained and polite. You should not laugh out loud, shout obscene phrases, and raven on popcorn. Try to control yourself. This is one of the best movie date advice.

Speak less

During a film, pay attention to those moments that can be discussed with a partner later. Thus, you can get to know the opinions, beliefs, and views of each other. Remember that the main reason for the first date is the desire to know a person better. However, do not try to start a discussion right while watching the movie – neither the partner nor the surrounding persons in the cinema will like this. 

Try to make contact

Do not try to “tack on” to a girl while watching a movie without asking permission. Before you touch her or somehow get close, ask the girl what she feels about it. For example, you can say “May I kiss you?” or “May I take your hand?” If a girl answers negatively, do not put pressure on her or try to move closer by force. Accept her answer and just enjoy the movie. If the girl answered in the affirmative, you can try to get closer to her.

Remember that a movie date does not necessarily imply intimacy just because the hall is dark and you are sitting nearby. You both can just watch a movie and enjoy spending time together.

Do not eat too much

Before you go to the cinema to watch a movie, invite your partner to buy popcorn or sweets. But at the same time, do not eat too much. After all, you came to the cinema, not the café, so do not confuse dinner and a movie date. In addition, your partner may want to kiss you, and your mouth will always be stuffed with food. Moreover, be sure to take care of fresh breath – buy peppermint drops and water. This is one of the most useful movie theater date tips!

Final Thoughts

A movie date is a good way to have fun, get to know each other better, and experience as many positive emotions as possible. At the same time, it can be the first step in your romantic relationship. The most important thing is to choose an interesting movie, comport decently, and just be yourself. After all, naturalness and sincerity attract people much more than invented images and masks. Consider the above-mentioned movie date tips and everything will work well!